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Why do we value antiques?
Antiques allow us to connect with history, and the people that went before us. Not just a living record of generations of the past, the sheer quality of the art, jewelry, glass, silver, furniture and linens from past centuries is amazing.
Why get antiques appraised
Resale: A written report stating the value of your items is especially important when you want to resell your valuables. Potential buyers will want to know the process by which the item's value has been set and whether you are charging a fair price.
Fair market value
'the price which a willing but not anxious vendor could reasonably expect to obtain and a hypothetical willing but not anxious purchaser could reasonably expect to pay … . If the vendor and purchaser had got together and agreed on a price in friendly negotiation'

History of Hind's antiques

Over 60 Years

Established in 1958, at Taringa, Brisbane; Hind's Antiques have been dealers in a wide range of English and European; Furniture, silver, china and glass.

We are members of The Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association and in the past have undertaken the Role of Chairman of the Vetting Committee during the AAADA Fairs.

We are Approved Valuers for Australian Government Cultural Gift Program for the following classes of items:

We now specialize in undertaking valuations, conservation and consultancy on antiques. We will value single items or large collections.

We are able through our contacts established over mare than 60 years in business to sell special items for vendors.